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South Parc at Bethany



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/26/2007
I've enjoyed staying here. My neighbors are nice and it's in a nice neighborhood.<br>However, every last bit of that enjoyment has been COMPLETELY negated by the idiotic and incompetant staff. I'll give you a few examples, and mind you this is only a FEW of the issues i've dealt with:<br>When we first moved in, there was no hot water. We were told it would be taken care of before we moved in. It wasn't. So, we were given a key to another unit to shower in. They gave us the wrong key. This was after the maintenance man came two hours EARLIER than planned and caught my wife and I sleeping in fairly skimpy clothing (it was a warm evening).<br>Next, as we were walking back from the hot tub, one of our neighbors, who was moving, asked us when we had to move. We had no clue what she was talking about. She asked "didn't you get the letter?" We hadn't. It turns out they had decided to turn Central Parc into condos and we all had to move out at the end of our lease. I had moved in just a few weeks ago and wasn't ever told this was in the works. I had intended to stay for a few years. Had we been told we'd have to move imediately after the lease was up, we probably wouldn't have moved in.<br>One more big thing (there are many more, but this is getting long): One month there was a problem with my rent check. I'm not sure if they didn't get it or it didn't go through, but in any case I wasn't notified until 21 DAYS after rent was due. No phone call, no email. Just a 72 hour eviction notice (that actually was only like 60 hours) that was over a weekend. Of course, they wouldn't accept a check, but no way to get a money order. Fortunately, I wrote a check to a family member who had some cash on hand. It was a huge mess, just like every experience I've had with these incompetents. I know they aren't doing much renting now, since they are trying (not succeeding) to sell these units as condos, but if you are looking for a short term rental and come across Central Parc, keep looking.
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South Parc at Bethany

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