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Resident 2005 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 12/20/2006
My lease is finally up and I am out of here.<br>*Apt 217 sits two floors above the building's trash compactor. EVERY TIME someone drops trash down the chute, you will hear it fall, and you will hear the compactor. It took me a year and a call to the President of the company in OH to get the thing put on a timer so it won't run between 10 PM and 7 AM (even though dropping trash during those hours is against the rules, people do it). Now the compactor comes on every morning at exactly 6:55 AM. Sometimes it makes a very loud groaning noise. Local management was completely ineffectual and dishonest about this problem. Doug's proposed solution was that I move to another apartment at a significantly higher rent. <br>*The kitchen sink fills with bubbles every other day or so. My guess is it is a neighbor's dishwasher sending soap into my sink.<br>*McMenamin's Market Street Pub is downstairs. The smell of hamburgers and onions comes into my bathroom every day. And once a month the pub's carpet cleaners come at 3:30 AM. They park their van on the street below the balcony and run their hose from it into the pub. The cleaning engine is in the van and it is very loud. I recommend ear plugs and sleeping pills.<br>*A weird grunting noise comes from the ceiling every couple of days. I have not been able to locate its origin. <br>*The pipes make a sound every ten minutes or so for hours at a stretch that sounds like someone passing wind in a bathtub. <br>*There is a metal plate in the street, in front of the apt. Every time a car hits it, it makes a loud clank. <br>*Of course the Streetcar runs right below this apt., but believe me--it is nothing compared to all the other noise in this place!<br>*The balcony sliding doors are in the bedroom. The single-pane glass makes it very hard to heat the bedroom in winter, especially since the heater vent is right next to the doors and the air rustles the vertical blinds. <br>*In summer you will hear incredibly loud motorcycles blasting down the street, sometimes in packs of 10-12. The rest of the year you will hear kids with deafening exhaust systems, bass, or both.<br>*Construction on the high-rise across the street starts as early as 5:30 a.m.<br>I could go on, but if you are not convinced by now, you never will be.<br>
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