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7510 SW Aloma Way, Portland, OR 97223
7510 SW Aloma Way, Portland, OR 97223

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The Frank Estate



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Office Staff
Resident 1999 - 2002 Not Recommended
Reviewed 03/21/2002
I lived at Frank Estates for 2 & 1/2 years in a 3Bed/3Bath Townhouse. I loved the grounds, the location, the trees & birds! The setting was soooo wonderful. The entrance way is beautiful & I always felt good having friends come over (with the exception of the year long wait to have our building painted that we were repeatedly promised would be done). I would still be living there if those were the only important factors in a rental situation. <br> <br>I never felt like I was living in an apartment or townhouse situation except when I was dealing with the staff. <br> <br>During my stay, management changed. What a nightmare experience! The response time in regards to service requests used to be great. Come November of 2000 with the change of the management, it took repeated calls & then finally when someone would come out to the unit ~ there always ended up being some reason to put the job off for awhile. It was nothing but a headache. They seemed to put more effort in their open-house monthly brunches then to real tentant concerns. We waited for over a year to get our building painted after several specific promises that it would be done shortly. <br> <br>The living situation there was suitable when I didn´t have to deal with the management. I loved the forest-like setting & I loved my neighbors!! It just got to the point that the troubles with the management weren´t worth it anymore. Very frustrating. <br> <br>Bottom line, I wouldn´t reccomend this property to anyone. The problems were too great in number to be worth its attractive qualities. And although, I lived there for as long as I did ~ that is not AT ALL the norm. I am so serious when I say this - there were moving vans there constantly ~ at least every other week. <br> <br>Hope this helped & Take care. <br>
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The Frank Estate

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