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The Village at Lovejoy Fountain



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Office Staff
Resident 2012 - 2013 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/08/2013
I've lived here for a year, and will never come back or recommend this place to anyone. The parking enforcement is ridiculous. You pay nearly $200 for reserved parking. But if you forget to pick up your pass or display it incorrectly - you could have 4 tickets by sunrise. They'll ticket you for improper parking and illegal parking at 10pm, and then again at 6am. No warning,- nothing. You are screwed when u wake up the next morning. And the business office will re direct you to the city. They don't give a hoot about you or your well-being. As far as they're concerned, you signed the paper and know the rules. Doesn't matter if you paid on time and didn't have time to pick the pass up; doesn't matter if you work long or irregular hours, bottom line is they don't care. TIP: if you're going to park illegally, park in the tandem spots - they don't look at those spots EVER. It's happened many times that my roommate And I forgot to get our parking passes, I parked in the tandem and she parked in a single spot. Both have expired tags, but only she got a ticket. This has happened enough times to us and our neighbors to know. The business office is run by incompetent, unprofessional personnel. When Your hot water goes out for 2 days in the middle of winter - don't expect any communication from them or explanation. oh, and they won't return your phone calls about it. When I asked the office manager why they don't return calls, he just apologized and said there were too mAny calls to return. For $1500 a month plus ---- parking - I expect a little better from them. I called 3 days in a row to make an appointment with the office manager, not a single person was able to tell me when he would be in, or had the authority to schedule an appointment. I finally just showed up, and they told me to come back later. When I came back, I caught the manager by happen-stance. He seemed to have it together, but his professionalism has not trickled down nor is carried out by his office employees. By the time I saw him I was so incredibly frustrated, if nothing else, because the lack of communication! There are college students partying into the night. When they go over board, Lovejoy's response is to put threatening letters on all tenants' doors. Not apologies and reassurance that this has been dealt with, - but rather threats of eviction to all. Professionalism and PR aren't their strong suit. Get ready for maintenance issues out the wazoo! The parking garage gate has locked me in or out at least 5 times; and it has been broken wide open for days at a time at least an additional five times. I was docked pay and sick time at work for my tardiness, due to being stuck in the garage and having to wait at least 30 minutes to get it opened. The business office didn't care that they affected my pay check. The fire alarms Are pulled or otherwise activated at all hours of the night. Again, Lovejoy's response to these events were threats of eviction on all tenants' doors. Not a letter of apology or explanation. Your windows and bathroom will be a constant maintenance issue. The pool and exercise room are nice, but inadequate for how many users there are. Rent will jump hugely, in concurrence with the recovering housing market downtown. But you can get double the space for the same rent in lovely Lake Oswego, without additional parking costs. Harrison Towers across the fountain is nicer. And cheaper. Maintenance issues and Management, or lack thereof, is why I am moving when my lease expires next month. Cannot wait to be out of here!
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The Village at Lovejoy Fountain

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