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The Village at Lovejoy Fountain



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Office Staff
Resident 2013 - 2014 Not Recommended
Reviewed 08/16/2014
I lived at Village at Lovejoy Fountain/The Linc for one year. At the beginning of my time living here I had no complaints. However things seemed to really go downhill throughout my year living here. The main issue I have with this place is the leasing office. What this office desperately needs to make this a better place to live is to establish an efficient system of communication and pass-on between associates, and to have the associates empowered to make decisions and resolve problems immediately. Whenever I had an issue, it always took several visits or calls to the office and discussions with multiple associates who take down my information and say that someone will be in contact with me. However, when I had to go back to the office or call after days of not hearing anything, I discovered that no one was even remotely aware of the issue I reported, or seemed to have the ability to locate the information passed on from the previous associates I had spoken to. The only solution they could offer was to dismiss me with vague excuses (and occasionally an attitude) that only a manager can resolve the issue, and that they will have to contact me at a later time. If you're thinking of moving in to The Linc, please take my advice: when it comes to important issues with the leasing office record EVERYTHING. At some point during your tenancy, you are more than likely going to be inconvenienced as a result of leasing office procedures. It helps to keep accounts of the names of people you have spoken to and the information they gave you. Believe me, you will have to speak to many associates, and it helps to keep track. I was unfortunately naive enough to assume that issues would be properly resolved. To sum it all up, when I signed my lease I was told by a leasing office associate, "We charge a lot for rent here, but with that cost comes a high level of service that you can depend on." I certainly did find the expensive rent; unfortunately I never found the service to match the cost. Management of The Linc: please give your associates the training, resources, and power to resolve problems diligently and professionally and to be successful at their jobs! This is truly one of the major issues everyone seems to have in common with this property, and if changed could actually make this a good place to live.
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The Village at Lovejoy Fountain

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