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The Village at Lovejoy Fountain



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Office Staff
Resident 2011 - 2012 Not Recommended
Reviewed 06/25/2012
I often get asked "do you like living here?" and honestly, it depends on whether you live in the towers or the 245 building. I've heard the 245 building was fantastic, but the towers are TERRIBLE. don't let them bait and switch you, because this is what happens: the leading agent will show you some model apartment on the 15th floor and then say something like, "oh, the one you will be living in is a little different." oh trust me, it's a LOT different. demand that they show you your actual apartment or flat-out refuse to live here. if not you'll regret it. a few other "perks" (sarcasm): $4.50 a load for laundry, loud neighbors who don't care (literally yelling next to your bedroom window at 2 AM), unresponsive security, apartments with pre-stained carpets, $125 a month for parking when the spots are so small you must expect your car to get door-dinged on a daily basis, dog poop everywhere, broken glass everywhere, random pieces of vertical blinds people must have thrown off of their balconies, condoms on the sidewalk.... oh, did I mention that in the year I have lived here I have received 3 letters about bed bugs? also, last week the building caught on fire. good luck!
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The Village at Lovejoy Fountain

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