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The Village at Lovejoy Fountain



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Office Staff
Resident 2012 - 2013 Not Recommended
Reviewed 06/06/2013
I can't count the number of reasons I hate this place, but here are some main ones: This place is a like a dorm/frat house for early-20s PSU dudes whose rich parents pay for them to live here. They're rude, entitled, loud, and the halls always stink like cigs and way too much cologne. If your windows face the parking lot (it's a concrete echo-chamber with ridiculously small parking spaces), you will hear these dbags in their loud cars all night long. Groups of drunk and loud PSU students also frequently take the parking lot as a shortcut late at night. The rent is stupid-expensive. They run some bond-security deposit scam (ok, it's not really a *scam* but is a terrible idea and the leasing office does a bad job explaining it - probably because they don't understand it themselves). Parking is not included. Laundry is expensive. Oh, and there are constant bedbug inspections, which require a dog to come through your apartment. Have fun trying to schedule that if you have a pet yourself and work during normal hours. And despite the bedbug disaster this place has been for years, the management *still* encourages people to sell their used crap. I'm no bedbug expert, but when you have an infestation, maybe you shouldn't advertise your tenants' used beds for sale (on Lovejoy letterhead nonetheless). Smart. This place is terrible. Don't be fooled by the pool and all the updates they've recently done. Lipstick on a pig and all that... EDIT (6/11/13): I did forget to mention that the maintenance people are pretty great. I submitted 2 maintenance requests in the 11 months I lived here (I had a 10 month lease and got out as soon as it went month-to-month and I found a new place) and both were handled promptly and professionally by the maintenance crew.
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The Village at Lovejoy Fountain

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