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Pacific Crest Apartments



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Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/23/2005
I will just start out with a few of the many problems I encountered while living here:<br>Pit bulls running loose attacking people and dogs even though they are "prohibited." Management did nothingoh wait they didafter an elderly mans dog was attacked by the same dog we reported, and had to go get stitches was anything ever done. <br>Rodents were living in my walls. Management did nothing, in fact they called me a liar and said it was birds on the roof.<br>Lynn, undoubtedly, made sure to go well out of her way to ensure that I would be getting the least amount of my deposit back even though I kept the apartment in perfect condition.<br> Yet it has been 2 months since I've moved out and I still haven't received my deposit refund check in the mail, I called and they said they were "mailing it soon." When asked where the repair money was allocated too, their responses were.."uhh...well...um...actually....uhh...." <br>They both know nothing.<br>Maintenance sucks; they blow. Literally, they blew leaves and dirt into my windows with a leaf blower. Window was open; it went everywhere covering my room with a layer of filth.<br>I could go on and on... my advice it stay away until: they get new management, better parking, maintenance staff, updated utilities, siding, pest control, windows are replaced, clean pool,...want me to keep going?? I was living there temporarily while trying to find a house. Thank god I found one.<br>
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Pacific Crest Apartments

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