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Timberline Apartments



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bob_loblaw • Resident 2003 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/03/2005
We are getting ready to leave this cesspool this month (our lease is up) and we couldn't be happier about it. It used to be really nice. The place has gone down hill in the two years we have lived here. Now it is just horrible. <br><br>The manager might just be crazy. More than one person has a story of her "going ballistic." The first thing she did when she started was send out letters saying anyone who left garbage outside the dumpster would be caught and charged $20.00. She was going to make the maintenance guy go through the garbage to find out who it belonged to. <br><br>The newer tenants are trashy. Thye are usually young and trashy. They all seem to have Pit Bulls. And they all drive way too fast for a complex that has several children. Then there are the "late-nighters." These are people who are up all night doing god-knows-what. You hear them getting in and out of their cars, talking and yelling and the sound of their front door closing. ALL NIGHT LONG!! Don't get me wrong. There are a few new tenants that were good people but they were far and few between. <br><br>The complex itself is nice. The layout is goos and the spot we had was nothing short of perfect. The trees that surround the complex are the only good thing about it, though. They let people have pets but that's only because they get a $300 pet-FEE. Non-refundable. So it's just plain old profit. The problem is that you end up stepping in dog crap on a regular basis. There has always been a problem with it but since the influx of trashy tenants, there has been a rise in the problem. None of them seem to clean up after their dogs. <br><br>And Parking? Forget about parking. There just isn't near enough of it. Period. It's not too bad in the day-time but good luck at night. If you get there too late, you'll end up parking out on the street. <br><br>And don't blink. You may miss this week's maintenance guy. There have been eight or nine since we moved in. They have a history of paying them slave wages then treating them worse than slaves. A property this size generally has two maintenance people. This place has one. That says everything. <br><br>Then there's the owner. His name is Jim Ameri and he is one of THE greediest people I've ever had the misfortune of meeting. He seems to worry more about his money than he does his tenants' lives. It also seems like he refuses to do any more than he legally has to do to keep the place up. The landscapers he hires are idiots and just tear the place up. He refused to lay barkdust this year. And because he has forced the managers to rent to almost anyone, the peace and quiet is gone. I have had a stereo ripped from my truck and had both vehicles "jockey-boxed." There is NO security. The closest they have is a tow truck that rolls through looking for people parked in the wrong spot. But that's only because they can charge a person an arm and a leg to get it back. And I have heard rumors that Jim Ameri gets a piece of that. I don't know for sure if it's true. <br><br>We're not the only people who think this way. Many of the "Old-timers" have either left or are in the process of leaving. This used to be a really nice place to live. To hear the really old-timers tell it, it was wonderful before Jim Ameri bought it. I've only lived here since he bought it, but even then it was still nice. I guess it even takes a money-hungry landlord like Jim Ameri a few years to totally wreck a complex. <br>
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Timberline Apartments

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