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Tualatin Meadows Apartments



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yesthenosieone • Resident 2013 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/10/2013
in the short time i have lived here i have seen many things that the manager ------- an the maintence men do that someone needs to review them an give them a fifty dollar fine lets start in june ------- allowed two partys with bouncie houses which is clearly stated in the lease not allowed but for the maintence men i guess its ok an they can have partys at the pool til after 2am but if i am at the pool 5 mins past ten ---- comes in like he is the sheriff an says get out its closed like we are the guests not the residents were we pay them to work an ------- has a brother that was living in the garage drunk drinking rubbing alchol , naked walkin out of his garage to use the porta john with his pants around his ankles an i called the police there are children all over this place the police come an they say he is the managers brother i was shocked but not really ,... an when they had pressure washers here to wash the building the caused damage to my car an ------- did nothing to prevent this when i called 2hrs in advance that they where doing damage to peoples cars an before anything was done my car was damaged an the district manager ----- said she would return my call after looking at my car ,.. well lets just say i have been waiting for about two months an last night joses car the second car he has in a assigned spot the cars alarm went off from 11pm til 4 am when i finally fell asleep to his alarm going off every 30 mins i thought everyone was only sapposed to have one spot but i guess if you work for ------- you can make up your own rules do as i say not as i do it her motto if you ask me she should be fired or at the least take some management courses she doesnt even have basic common since of the liability laws
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Tualatin Meadows Apartments

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