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Tualatin Meadows Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2010 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/19/2010
We have had many problems here since we moved in (June 2010). We have only been here for a few months, but anything and everything has gone wrong - and nothing has been fixed except on OUR DIME. When we moved in, we notified the apartment staff about our leaking washing machine, the shed door was locked and we didn't receive a key for it, our sink faucet dripped, and there was black tar stains on our BRAND NEW CARPET on the day we moved in. They have not fixed ONE thing here yet. We had to pick the lock ourselves, we are fixing the kitchen sink ourselves, we borrowed a friends carpet cleaning machine to remove the black stains that are on the carpet. We still have not received ANYTHING for the washer. It will be THEIR fault if the floor eats through. We have emailed, called, wrote, left messages, talked to in person MORE THAN once about the issues - and NOTHING. We have had issues with the new neighbors that we have, and the apartment staff said that they would take care of it, and NOTHING has been done. If we weren't stuck in a lease, and if we could find a place for the same price we would be GONE. This is the worst apartment staff I have EVER seen...ever. Also, upon move in, and also stated in our lease, DOGS were NOT allowed in the apartments. We see dogs everywhere, and hear them at all hours. If they are going to allow pets, then they need to correct their lease. Oh yeah! The management staff is NEVER in the office. We have gone to see them at least 5 times in a day, and every time we went, they were never there. If you're going to have 4-5 people in the office, then TAKE TURNS going someplace. Not everybody needs to go!
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Tualatin Meadows Apartments

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