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Tualatin Meadows Apartments



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Office Staff
ArtieW. • Resident 2008 - 2010 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/16/2011
I agree with so many of the complaints. If you live in a downstairs apt., you could easily become depressed and your nerves completely shot. If someone upstairs drops so much as a spoon in the kitchen,it sounds more like a 10 pound weight.We were subjected to ten months of 3 young adults staying up until five o'clock in the morning, walking back and forth across the worst creaky parts of the floor[which by the way, is a problem in every apt.] having guests at one or two in the morning, that partied and spent the night, and the drunker they got ,the louder they got, More things would crash on the floor than normal,and we were told that "it was just apartment living". Finally,they would go to bed, and all we could hear was the moaning and groaning,the bed slamming the floor, the speeding up of intimacy,and the screaming, then the completion of the act. One of them would jump right up, feet slamming on the floor, and go take a shower.[The sound proofing is so bad, that you can hear someone grunting on the toilet] Now, it is time for us to get up,with no sleep,and go to work. Call the police? They will not do anything unless they can hear noise outside of the apt.But these people have an open view of the parking lot, and would stop making noise as soon as the cops showed up. When they finally moved out, we were told twice that within 24 hours office staff would come over, listen to the floors, and see what could be done to improve the horrible creaking.We were PROMISED that they would do SOMETHING, but...they showed up on a Friday afternoon around 2 o'clock,[two days before the new residents were moving in, and three weeks after the other residents had moved out] and said it was just like all the other apts., and nothing could be done. We had talked to builders and contractors,several carpet installers, even the ones that had done carpeting jobs here, and they all told us that yes, there were several ways to fix the problem. We were lied to,and believe that the Corporate office only wants to spend money to paint, and put new carpet in the property Managers office.In the 3 1/2 years I have been here the Management has changed several times,and when Holly was here, someone actually started a petition to have her removed from this property.She was crude, had a filthy mouth,she was loud, and degrading to the residents. The current Management is insecure and forgetful,they are rude,and poorly trained.We were told that they had enough stress in their personal lives, and didn't need the stress of the 240 residents that live here complaining,it is just too much for them to handle. Debbie has changed since her accident, I won't get into that, but it isn't for the good of the residents, or the other staff members.I could write a book about the other problems and lies we have to endure,but I think that most people will get the picture. This property is going downhill, there are infestations of ants and other insects, and problems with mold, there is no sound proofing, and the Management could care less about the people, they are only here to keep the apartments rented. They play favorites,and do not enforce the their own rules.
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Tualatin Meadows Apartments

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