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Tualatin Meadows Apartments



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semperfidelis316 • Resident 2010 - 2012 Not Recommended
Reviewed 12/08/2012
Expensive considering they are a low income apartment complex. The manager -------- (not sure how she spells it) is horrible. I don't trust her at all. I pay $775/month, and I live in a west facing apartment. In the summer, during sunset, my apartment reaches 95F and we are told we can not hang shades on our balconies to block the sun. Also, there's a long list of stuff you can not have on your balconies like bicycles, which is really stupid. When we first moved in, there we bugs in our apartment. -------- accused us of being dirty even though we listed seeing bugs on our check in inspection sheet. It took them several months of having Alpha Ecological pest control come over and "lay traps" which did not work. It finally took us complaining everyday and suggesting we get the courts involved before they finally had the exterminators spray which finally got rid of them, but not before hundreds of dollars worth of food got ruined. I say hundreds because our son was still on formula and the bugs would find a way into his formula. Right now we are getting phone calls threatening they are going to evict us because of my 10 month old dog we just recused from the Oregon Humane Society. The manager doesn't want to mediate or even ask about the money I've been spending on training aids to try and get the dog to stop, instead she immediately took the other residents side and has threaten to evict us. The other tenant complains about everything, even when there are children playing in the courtyard next to her unit. I can understand it's annoying to listen to a dog bark constantly, but after recording my dog, I've noticed she only barks for 10-15 mins then stops, which is trainable. When -------- calls, she claims that the dog is "barking all day long" and has even accused the dog of "barking all day long" on days that my fiancee is home and the dog hasn't made a single noise. If you are looking for somewhere kinda quiet, not too far from stuff in Tualatin, I suggest you keep looking. Living here has been the worst mistake of my life. For the money they want to live here ($775/month on a 2 bedroom with $600 deposit and $250 pet deposit) you'd be better off finding somewhere else, like a duplex or small house. I think the worst thing for me, is my apartment is right next to some of the dumpsters. We get to listen to the bums dumpster diving and the management does nothing to stop them. I can't wait until my lease is up and I can escape this horrible place. If you decide to live here, may God have mercy upon your soul.
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Tualatin Meadows Apartments

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