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Riverbend In Allentown



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 - 2007 Recommended
Reviewed 01/06/2007
Grounds:<br>Good: This place reminds me of a resort. I've lived here 2 years now and every time I come home, I feel nice and relaxed. During the summer you can hang out by the pool and sit by the pond, play tennis, or vollyball. There are near by parks to go running and whatnot. Winter time you can smell the wood burning fire which is pretty relaxing. The parking lot gets plowed as well as any parking lot can be. Everything is very well kept and a very safe atmospher! <br>Bad: Surounding neighborhood isn't too pleasant. <br><br>I've never felt unsafe within the complex.<br><br>The staff here are awsome. They remember you by name and are always friendly... really on the ball. Although they're wicked cool, sometimes it's hard to get a hold of them in the office. Example: A package was delivered for me and left in the office and it was the holiday season. Every time I went to pick it up (3x), the office was locked, but was poasted (even with holiday schedule) as open. In short, I didn't get the package untill later. Plus I could have called or done something to get their attntion. The maintenance can be a little wishy-washy. Sometimes they're right on top of things, other times they just forget about ya. You know those intermitent problems that don't happen when you get them checked. Well, if it works for them, they wont take the time to see what you're talking about. But they do have an entire complex to keep up...think how busy they are. As long as your understanding, you'll get along fine.<br><br>Every year rent goes up and my paycheck doesn't. I don't know if other places to that.<br><br>I know it sounds like a said more bad than good, but it's ment to be more of a heads up than a complaint. I'm happy to call this place my home, and if I had to relocate, I would miss it very much!
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Riverbend In Allentown

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