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St Georges Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/11/2007
St. Georges is a nice, old building. Built back when people took some pride in workmanship, so expect mosaic bathroom tiles, solid wood doors, and very noise-proof walls and ceilings. The grounds are pretty and usually the area is pretty quiet. There s no elevator, but the stairwells are wide and well maintained. Unlike most apartments on the Main Line, there is a small amount of free, outdoor parking in front of the building. If you want a guaranteed space underground, however, you will have to pay. It s in walking distance of shops and the R5 train station, so it would be ideal for a person without a car.<br><br>The greatest problem with St. Georges is the fact that it is owned by Marks and Co., aka The Slum Lords of the Main Line, a company which has bought a good deal of the apartment buildings on Montgomery Ave and is proceeding to turn them into slums one maintenance problem at a time. For example the boiler in the south building caused the fire alarms to go off all day, because the steam was improperly ventilated. Still, the racket the heater makes at night all winter keeps me up. <br><br>Likewise, the appliances in the apartments themselves are old and poorly maintained. My stove broke and it took them a month get a replacement part and repair it. Never mind that this particular oven was so cheap that it would only cost a small fraction of my monthly rent to just completely replace it. It also smelled horrible every time I used it. Likewise my dishwasher created a horrible burning smell and my clothes washer flipped the breaker if I had any other appliance on when it was on spin cycle. Since all the appliances are electric, this makes your electricity bill astronomical.<br><br>And don t bother trying to get maintenance unless absolutely necessary. You can only understand every fifth word the super says and the office staff can t decide rather they are evil or just incompetent. You find yourself voting for the former because, really, people just cannot be that unaware of their surroundings.<br><br>So, should you live here? Probably not. But, with the real estate choices as they are on the Main Line, doubtful you have many other options.
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St Georges Apartments

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