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Country Lights Chalets



Resident · 2005 - 2007
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Office Staff
ive read most reviews and have to say they ring true. there is one way to get a full refund on your deposit (at least for me), and that is going to a different apartment in the same complex. i upgraded from a 1 bedroom to a 2 bedroom and was given full credit on my deposit (more than likely to keep me from being ticked off). i then moved into the chalets and the nightmare began. they cut back maintenance staff which resulted in alot of bad attitudes from what seemed like good people who complained they were getting slave wages. the office where i came from initially was the villas and though maintenance and centipedes were a problem, the office was pretty reasonable. in the chalets all the managers in chalets make any dealings or problems needing handled a miserable frustrating experience they could care less about anything concerning tenants and if you talk to them they act disgusted like youre bothering them. the highlights of my experience and their lack of caring are vast, but one that stands out is that they hire the cheapest contractors they can find who do substandard work. we had our window caps replaced and they didnt caulk, so extremely heavy rain thoroughly and completely soaked the carpets from the dining area to the kitchen and living room. several ignored calls and floods later after repeated reminding both before and after it rained they finally fixed it. i told them the length of time it took for them to finally fix it, i couldnt be responsible for carpet. they assured me i wouldnt. ive been out of my apartment now for a month and finally heard from them saying they were not only taking my deposit but also charging me an additional unreasonable amount, only 1 category of which truthfully i can understand (being honest) the other ? you guessed it, the carpet which they tried blaming on me..an opinion they based while no one bothered to come look at just how bad the leak was or how far it spread. (mostly cause anytime you try to speak to them the rudely cut you off with a very nasty attitude) the rest is just ridiculous including a $200 charge for wall repairs because the cable guy put a cable sized diameter hole in the wall to run cable from one bedroom to the other. i eventually got it resolved but only after getting hold of the corporate # and telling them about my issues and experience. a $30 rent increase per year is common, even before cable on top of already expensive rent. no assigned parking, mold around every window and sliding door, dog waste everywhere outside, centipedes, inconveniances at every turn (one year i even had to trim my own hedges out front so i could get in the door), 4 visits by maintenance before replacing a very old non working a/c unit, updated kitchen means a newer stove ...ooooo ! the foyer area was spackled and not sanded or repainted in over 3 months. i finally gave up and started doing much of what needed done in my apt myself. those who dont believe the negatives need to look closer, we wish we were kidding but sadly we arent. any apartment thats only 38% recommended you have to wonder about. from what i understand street rd complex has similar issues. it is a nice quiet area for the most part, but not worth the bs involved. renters beware !
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Country Lights Chalets

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