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Country Lights Chalets



Resident · 2012
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Office Staff
Overall the apartment is not terrible, but it is not a place I want to stay for any longer than a year. My boyfriend lived on the second floor so the only time I heard the neighbors was when they were in the common area outside the apartment. When I moved into my 1 bedroom, first floor apartment I was impressed with the new carpet and fresh paint, but it was done that very week (and some the day of) because as I came in the first time there was still wet paint on the walls, maintenance was inside still working, and the carpet had that 'brand new' smell to it. However the longer I stayed the more I realized the work was sloppy and the materials used are very cheap. Things will easily break; I had all of my outlets changed because plugs would too easily fall out; I have no under cabinets in my kitchen so I had to buy shelving in order to store my pots and pans; the only drawers I have in my kitchen are too small to keep utensils organized; my water heater broke and leaked everywhere within a month (and now even with a 'new' water heater I don't have enough hot water for a shower longer than 15 minutes); I cannot get rid of the bugs even after the exterminator came; I am constantly woken up by my upstairs neighbors walking around and I feel like I am in a household basement apartment it is so loud; if my neighbor opens or closes their door it sounds as if it were slamming. As far as the amenities go: the pool is not cleaned well; the lifeguards are terrible; the gym is not cleaned or maintained well; but the business center with the 4 computers and free printing isn't bad. I feel as if I am paying way too much per month for the quality I am getting. It would cost them less if they put quality materials into the apartments because they would not have to fix things as often. Like I said, as a post-college student it is not terrible, but it is not a long term solution because the quality is so poor.
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Country Lights Chalets

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