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Country Lights Chalets



Resident · 2010 - 2012
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Office Staff
We moved into Ark Bucks County Summit December of 2010. We thought with all the amenities (the gym, pool, muffins/Tea, and computers) that we would be OK paying 1129 for a 2 bedroom. We were also promised that our electric should be around 50 dollars and probably pay a little more in the summer. Around 1 month after we moved in My neighbors called 911 because the people downstairs were in a domestic dispute. Once the police arrived I heard the victim say to the police that she did not want the man to get arrested because he was in the witness protection program after being released from prison. I reported the incident to the main office and was told it was taken care of. My neighbors, who lived in the building for years explained that Ark allows temporary stays, so we would frequently have people in and out. The next people to move into that apartment had about 15 people staying in a 2 bedroom. Our main door would slam at all times of the day, people were constantly outside at 2 am, keeping us up at night again reported them to the office, was told they would be gone by May, did not leave until November. My car had the radio stolen out from it, and my boyfriends car was broken into at another time but only gloves and a few dollars were taken. A man that lived a few doors down had his car window broken and spray painted. Now for the inside of our apartment, I have attached photos, But our walls were cracked and chipped, the carpets were stained, we could never open our windows because the screens did not cover the frame and bugs were constantly coming in. Sons room did not have a smoke detector! we went and bought one but allegedly the apartments are inspected. Asked maintenance to do something about the bugs, they came and sprayed the screens but it did not help. All of our outlets were extremely loose but in the two years NEVER fixed. Our PECO bill was around 160-360 a month, which we could not understand because during the day we were never home. I heard rumors that the electric throughout the building was split within the 4 apartments, I think it may be true. We lived in the upstairs apartment but had 2 mice come in through holes in the corner of the kitchen floor, again never fixed. Our kitchen sink made a loud screeching noise when the hot water came on, and the pipes would shake. Parking at night was difficult. When our lease was up in 2011 we were told the changes needed to be made would be fixed and our rent went up to 1159. When our lease was up in 2012 and our rent would go up to 1209 the changes still weren't made it was time to go. After sending our vacancy notice we got a call asking us to stay, saying anything they can do to keep us they would do. They asked me to speak with Sheila the manager to work something out. She mentioned The referral deals going right now is 500 off a months rent, for unlimited use. When I said i did not want to pay over 1200 for a run down apartment she was in shock at the amount we paid, and said our apartment is actually 1389 and we got in on a "steal".When we paid our full months rent but moved out December 15th, 15 days before the end of the lease. Honestly, the apartment was extremely run down for the price we were paying, the grounds were kept nice but all repairs made to the apartments are half done. The gym was nice, never sanitized, the muffins were good, the 3 computers were all MAC's and nice if you needed to write a quick paper and print it out, or search the web, the pool was gorgeous, but living in that apartment was too frustrating. Moving was the best thing we could do, I love my new apartment paying 200 less! I do NOT recommend moving into ark, put the money to good use someplace else Read more: http://www.apartmentratings.com/rate/PA-Bensalem-ARK-Apt-Re
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Country Lights Chalets

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