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Office Staff
Resident 2004 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/06/2005
the one good thing to say about Grandview is that it's cheap - 1 or 2 bedroom is not much compared to other units. Now for the sacrifice...<br><br>The exterior light didn't work on my building - mine was hte only one that was dark to come home to. The light inside the stairwell also never was fixed during my one year stay. We had drug dealers, theives, and perverts living in the building. One tenant stole from four apartments. <br><br>It was embarassing to bring anyone over to that apartment. no one cleaned the interior - no vacuuming, no window cleaning, no exterior maintenace during the full year i was there. The side that had the management office was cleaned - manicured lawn, vaccumed building, new storm windows. Not my side. <br><br>There were flies one day the first month I was there. Not two ot three, but two or three hundred. Imagine opening up the door to your bedroom and seeing that many. I complained, it turned out the bush outside attracted them. Wow did that set the tone. <br><br>Ducks and geese regularly visited and waded in the pool. I don't rememebr seeing anone clean the pool during the summer - I'm sure they used chlorine, but would you want to swim in a pool after ducks and geese had been in it?<br><br>When I was moving out, the three good tenantys in the building all came up to me and expressed how lucky I was to be leaveing - they were all sorry to have renewed their lease. All I have to say, is that if you deal drugs, keep a crappy aprtment, like a certain run-down look to your home, thenn Grandview is for you.
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Grandview Gardens

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