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ctempleton0001 • Resident 2007 - 2008 Not Recommended
Reviewed 04/04/2008
I moved here in November of 2007. I was shown the sample apartment (which also doubles as the office) but demanded to see the apartment i would be moving into before i signed the lease. When i was shown the apartment, the walls needed to be painted and the bathroom needed to be cleaned and spackled. I was assured that this would all be corrected before my move in date. WRONG! When i moved in there were numerous problems. We have a two bathroom apartment. Neither toilet worked. Both would overflow once flushed. For the first week we had to drive back to our old apartment to use the toilets. The bathroom in the hallway was fixed right away, but the bathroom in our bedroom took 2 months before the maintenance staff decided it needed to be replaced. (They still have not securely fastened the toilet to the floor, whenever you sit on it, it wiggles around). All of the light bulbs in the apartment were blown out. The bedroom was not painted AT ALL! There were dirty hand marks everywhere. The worse part was the cockroach infestation that took place in my apartment. We had found a couple dead roachs when we moved in, we thought they had taken care of the problem. We were wrong. The first night was awful. Once the sun went down, roachs came out of everywhere. Climbing on everything. We had to take it upon ourself to set traps. They claimed to fumigate, but we still see the little critters roaming around every once in awhile. Its disgusting. Every drawer in the kitchen is broken. None of them open and close properly. Recently we've had a black mold problem on the windows in the bedroom and bathroom. We were assured that this was the "ok" black mold to have. Nothing to worry about. Yeah right. All they did was paint over the mold. The neighbors are horrible. The walls are so thin that you can hear your neighbors whispering. The cops are at the apartment complex atleast once a weekend to arrest people. The kids are thugs. They dig in the garbage and set the items that they've found on fire on the lawn. None of the washing machines work. We have one dryer to 12 apartments. And of course people leave their clothes in the machine for hours. I have to use a family members washer and dryer.I gave notice within the first 48 hours of living here that i wanted to move out, but they advised that was not feasible. Now that i am six months into living here, i have already given notice that i will not be staying. Please do not move into this apartment, do not recommend it to anyone. I would give this apartment a negative 100 out of ten. Absolutely horrible.
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Waters Edge

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