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Levittown Trace Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/06/2007
Its all really true, my family and i just moved in maybe 3 days ago, and i am unfortunately reading the remarks for this apt. But the apartments are really bad, i havent seen any roaches or mice yet, but the apts are really crappy despite the really nice one they show you as a display model before you move in. The hallways are really bad, the carpets are so dirty, their are really bad walls in the apartment, it looks as if holes were made in the walls and they just painted over the holes and cracks in the walls. The ovens are crappy, i cant even find 350 degrees on mine, because its scrapped off. The apt is ice cold, my heat is not working, it feels similar to outside, and i dont know who said they got new windows because the cold air comes right in though the window...and thats when its closed. The carpets do not look new, only washed and on top of that it is the cheap carpet. There is no parking at all, its first come first serve. The floors squeak, and i feel really guilty just walking across my floor at night, i feel like i am waking the downstairs neighbors. They really squeak bad, i mean tiptoeing is irrational. The outside looks beautiful, but i see now it was all for show, until you walk in. And dont let the pool fool you, if the apartments are trife then come summer time, the pool will be too. And wow, i didnt know about the drive by shooting until today, everyones saying someone was murdered in the parking lot.
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Levittown Trace Apartments

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