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Levittown Trace Apartments



Resident · 2012 - 2015
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Office Staff
This might be the most disgusting and least professional apartment complex I have ever had the misfortune of dealing with, my internet keeps going out cause there's raccons or some kind of rodents living in the attic bitting thru my internet cables, I called the office two weeks ago, they were very rude and didn't care if I have to work online or not they said an exterminator will come on Thursday and no earlier. Still no exterminator now two weeks later and when I call back the office it says number no longer in service, that will happen more than often by the way. The office people are the worst kind of people, their lazy and are rude as hell they say their going to do something or write it down and nothing ever happens if you have an issue with your apartment here it might take up to four months to resolve. My neighbors play loud music and jump around all night like their in the club and there's bugs everywhere I mean everywhere, I think they may have a couple new species of insects here I've seen some crazy looking roaches and spiders come out the walls. If you come home late at night I suggest you don't park far they have black spots through out the parking lot because Levittown trace is too busy to care about the safety of its tenants so People tend to hide under the black spots where there's no street light and rob you. After all these horrible things I've said the worst has got to be the staff, from maintnance to the office you people are scum of the earth the laziest and most rudiest staff ever it's not bad enough we have to deal with everything here you can't even have the compassion to do your actual job right instead of running around and trying to put it off for the next person. If you move her you will regret it, if you pay rent here it's a waste of money, If you thought it looked like a nice place from the pictures or from the outside you're wrong. RUN AWAY and anyone posting good reviews works for them because no one living here has anything good to say.
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Levittown Trace Apartments

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