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Lawrence Court Apartments



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dipersp • Resident 2002 Recommended
Reviewed 04/01/2002
It´s been four months already! Not much has changed. Knock wood, no more "bugs." Had a few maintence issues that were taking a while to get handled, however. All in one weekend, our blinds broke, toilet wouldn´t stop running, and during that hot spell in April, our A/C wasn´t real cold. Placed a call to the office on Monday. <br> <br>Monday afternoon, the plumber (contractor) was onsite to fix the toilet (It doesn´t run anymore, but seems to use a LOT of water now.) Tuesday afternoon the appliance contractor called to make an appointment for Thursday. Over a week later, still nothing on the blinds. The blinds are handled by the maintanence man. Unfort., it seems ANYTHING handled by the maintenance man takes forever. It took repeated calls to the office to get action. Unfort., as usual, they also don´t return calls or follow-up. But everything else I called about did get repaired, so I´m not sure where the fault lies. <br> <br>Another issue was the kitchen counter. It had a half-dollar size "chunk" missing out of it when we moved in. The landlord said it would be handled ASAP. He was trying to find out if that half of the counter could be replaced or if the entire thing had to be replaced. This went on for about 2 months (Maintanence man again. . .) Finally it was decided the half couldn´t be replaced, the entire thing had to be done. It was said (By the landlord) it would be replaced. Another month goes by. With all the maintanence issues above, I made sure to remind them several times about this. When he finally showed up 2-3 weeks later to fix the blinds, he finally looked at the counter. At that point, it was "patched." Looks terrible and took make trips to get it done. Of course, he doesn´t decide what gets fixed or replaced, I would have to take that up with the landlord. So now I need to get back on that again. <br> <br>But otherwise, living conditions are good. I have only seen one person move out in the 4 months I´ve been here. Parking is still difficult at night. . . <br> <br>Another issue were carpenter bees. They had taken over the overhang of the entrance to the building. They were EVERYWHERE, a large swarm of them. It took over a month before it was taken care of - I wanted to see how long before someone else would call something in. The landlord was even here one day and either didn´t notice or didn´t care. <br> <br>Also, beware of the ducks. We´ve had animal kingdom here - lots of ducks and baby ducks (There´s about 10-15 new babies.) Just watch where you walk. . . <br> <br>Only other concern is the creek behind the building. It gets pretty high with rain, and a few years back it came high enough to flood out the nearby bridge and wash it away. I have been told the building had some water and it is a known flood area. Just make sure if you rent, don´t get the E building! <br> <br>One final thing - we´re noticing since we live directly above the boiler room (Especially our bedroom), it stays hot in here ALL the time! It´s about a constant 80 degrees here on the ground floor. Might be interesting with the A/C and electric bill this summer. <br>
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Lawrence Court Apartments

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