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Wallingford Estates



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Office Staff
Resident 2009 - 2010 Not Recommended
Reviewed 03/07/2010
The price will grab your attention. Just paying one price for all utilities and rent is indeed, convenient. But to me, it's NOT worth it. Before we moved in, we were told "No dogs allowed" which didn't bother me. What did bother me was the fact that some nights, I couldnt put my baby to sleep because of all the barking. These apartments aren't put together too well. The bottoms of our cabinets were caving in, causing our food to constantly topple over. There's zero privacy because the walls are paper thin. You can hear the neighbors above, below you, and beside you at all times, water running through the pipes. U can also hear the people above you using the bathroom. roaches were also a HUGE problem. Our building was exterminated more than twice but the problem continued to worsen, no matter how clean we kept our apartment. SOME of the tenants are rude. They're loud, disrespectful and let their children run amok all over the halls and parking lot. A lot of times, when we came into our building, we had to walk through clouds of smoke with our baby. Random people were congregating in the stairwell, smoking. (not cigarrettes) We had several brown spots on our ceiling because the tenants above us were constantly causing leaks and maintenance (whenever they felt like coming) constantly had to clean up afer them. Nights were never quiet. If it wasnt a bunch of drama from the teenage girls in the complex, arguing and fighting, somebody was blasting a car stereo into the wee hours of the night. Our heat was a joke. We had a thermostat for the heat in the bathroom, and it didnt work. Our radiator in the living room, too, was broken and never fixed. The parking lot is horrible. There are unneccessary speed bumps in random areas, and deep potholes which took a tole on my car's suspension. Be careful where you walk because noone cleans up after their dogs. we even had dog urine in the halls of our building on more than one occasion that was just left to dry. Dont let the "beautiful" photos fool you. If you dont have to, dont put yourself through it. We were miserable for one year, and didn't think twice about getting out of there. If you like loud banging, barking, and children jumping all over your car..if you enjoy having roaches and no heat, these apartments are just for you...but not me.
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Wallingford Estates

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