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Millview Apartment Homes

100 Cobblestone Drive

Coatesville, PA 19320



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lordzordec • Resident 2005 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 04/26/2006
-NOISY. You can hear EVERYTHING going on in the apartment above you. Our neighbor is not loud, but we can still hear the TV, the telephone ringing, people talking, people walking, etc. When they put their suround sound on, our whole apartment shakes!<br><br>-CHEAP, SLOPPY CONSTRUCTION. We find new flaws every day, and it is because of the extremely rapid pace at which these apartments were THROWN together. <br>-CARPET is cheap, and its lose fibers clog our vacuum every other time we clean it. Dust from the carpet fibers make my eyes itch and my allergies go crazy! <br>-FRONT DOOR does not shut completely unless you slam the dickens out of it or shut it gently and pull with all your might. Otherwise, later your door will fly wide open for the whole world to enter. <br>-THE WINDOWS are cheap and drafty. We had to put plastic up just to keep from getting cold when the thermostat was set to 70!<br><br>NO PARKING-If you come home late, expect to walk a ways to your apartment. The saving grace now is that A LARGE PORTION OF THE APARTMENTS ARE EMPTY. If all the apartments were full, there would be NO PARKING.<br><br>LATE SNOW AND ICE REMOVAL-During the last storm (2/14/2007) snow removal didnt happen until late in the day. It was one guy on a tractor, and he skipped the handicapped spots! Two days later, Millview was still an icy, slushy, slippery mess!<br><br>In ten years when these cheap apartments get some age on them and start falling apart, there will be no one living in them. Tear them down and rebuild them. Then they might be worth $1000 a month!
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Millview Apartment Homes

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