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Millview Apartment Homes

100 Cobblestone Drive

Coatesville, PA 19320



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valerie14k • Resident 2005 - 2006 Recommended
Reviewed 01/09/2007
I lived at Millview from May '05 to June '06. I had a 13-month lease because they made me a deal of one month free if I signed a 13-month lease. And I had a $99 security deposit. The woman I spoke with in March of '05 didn't work there by the time I got there in May. Luckily they honored the deal she made me even though they claimed they don't normally do that for one bedrooms. <br><br>They seem to run through help quite fast. There was always different girls in there. Same manager from Oct '05 till I moved out. So that was a plus.<br><br>The gym and pool are great. The gates and fence are also wonderful. Definitely makes you feel a little more protected from the neighbors. My 3rd floor apartment overlooked the section 8 housing. I rarely had a noise problem with them and never had one with my neighbors but I don't think I even had a neighbor next to me, only one behind me. <br><br>My apartment itself was definitely sufficient. I never had any problems with any appliances or leaks or anything like that. <br><br>When I moved in I also had free internet for a year (my entire lease actually) but that wasn't offered when I was asked to renew. They did lower my rent when I was asked to renew but it wasn't enough to keep me there.<br><br>I had a one bedroom apartment. My water bill ran around $21/month. That's including all the laundry I did. I didn't run the dishwasher though. My energy bill was $80ish during the warmer months with a/c on and during the winter more like $150 due to the rising gas prices.<br><br>There were definitely more and more diverse people moving in as I moved out. A lot of young people from the automotive school in Exton, UTI. They were often out working on their vehicles which is prohibited per the lease. And they all had fairly loud engines so that was a nuisance from time to time. I rarely heard them during the week nights unless I'm just a heavy sleeper. <br><br>I had to call maintenance twice because I walked out of my apartment without my key and I always left my door locked. Both were after hours. The first time took 20-25 minutes to respond and I was charged $30. And second was much faster and again charged $30. That's the downside. I could only have one key for a one bedroom and it's not a normal key. More of a chip. And then a key fob for the gate and access to the gym. The only key I had was for my mailbox.<br><br>Parking was never much of an issue. Of course you can't expect to park right in front of your steps every day but you will never have a problem finding a spot. My biggest pet peeve was people living on the first floor and finding it necessary to park right in front of their door so they only had to walk 20 feet and be right inside their apartments. They could have had more compassion for those on upper floors.<br><br>I think that sums it up. Based on my stay, I would recommend it but I haven't been there in June of '06 so I'm not sure of the circumstances currently.
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Millview Apartment Homes

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