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Millview Apartment Homes

100 Cobblestone Drive

Coatesville, PA 19320



Former Resident · 2020
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Office Staff
If you are considering a move to Millview, take a few mins and read my review first. I promise it will be worth it. My husband and I moved into the 1st floor apt on 10-20-2020 . We wanted to be on the 3rd floor (cheaper rent) but having a dog over 40lbs you are required to be on the 1st floor. (higher rent) So day 1-Melissa from the office walked down with me to go through the apt with the checklist that they give all new tenants to make note of things that may be wrong. Before we even opened the door was problem #1-the metal plate that was put on after putting new locks on was about 2 inches wide and 6 inches long too short -meaning you could see right into the apt from outside and vice versa, which also means its oct and cold air was flowing right into the apt. (which we ended up duct taping since they never fixed it) After walking through the apt w Melissa we found about 15 things, all minor, that we marked on the checklist so we were not held responsible at time of move out. The main thing was the gap in the door. Minor things like black mold in both tubs, Kitchen counter coming apart, washer smelled like dirty socks, stovetop burners needed a smaller size in order to cook, small tears in the linoleum that were glued. Again, minor to us, but Jim the maintenance mngr said he wanted to replace our linoleum floors and that he would have the new stuff put in that looks like hard wood floors. So a week later Jim & 3 subcontractors came to our apt-let me add that we have 4 blink cameras throughout the apt for the dog-I notice that they brought the wrong floor, so my husband called Jim and after going back and forth on the phone with someone in the office (all on video) Jim called my husband back & said they would come back the next day and install the floor that he promised bcs at the end of the day he wanted to make sure that my husband “got laid”(again…caught on video) Let me also tell you that Jim was 100% aware of us having the cameras as he is on video telling all of the workers that “this apt is under video surveillance and the renters are having a fit about the wrong floors” Next day, we crate our dog again per Jim’s request. Jim and 4 subcontractors show up to install floors, Jim lets them in & leaves them unsupervised. They had music blaring, they moved our fridge and never plugged it in, one of the guys walked past my dog in her crate (she was laying down being good) and flung a handful of linoleum he had just cut at her crate. Another guy who had 1200 sq ft of apt to set the vac hose anywhere decided to throw it right in front of my dogs’ crate, causing her to jump up. The same guy that flung the linoleum at her was also caught on video snooping in our bedroom. Let me also say they used an entire roll of our paper towels and while pushing our fridge back they ripped the brand new linoleum that they just installed, so they glued it. And they had glue all over our baseboards. Next issue which I forgot to mention our brand new fridge, the ice maker was leaking, so Jim disconnected it and said he would install another one (that never happened-so in the lease where it states fridge with icemaker, that was a lie) So now after reading that, you can see how the gap in the front door is no longer the “main issue”. Our privacy being invaded, and our dog being tormented is now the “main issue” So my emailing to the office begins, I start with Tanya, at first, I will say she seemed empathetic as she stated she would feel upset about this as well, but upset is an understatement. Our privacy being violated is a pretty big deal, but my dog being tormented is where they crossed my line. I ended up getting nowhere with Tanya so I went above her and emailed her boss, Laci. After several emails back and forth with her I finally got the phone call that I asked for, but it was while I was away on my honeymoon. She asked my husband and I for details on what happened and as we are telling her, she is talking over us, and then said that the workers who installed the floors were not millview employees, that they were subcontractors. She was not wanting to take responsibility for who they hire to enter our apartments. I said to her, “did you hire them to do a job for you? than you are responsible for them while they are on your property and in our apartments doing work for you” Laci started talking down to me, trying to blow this off and I set the phone down and told my husband he could hang up at any point I was done with this conversation. That same morning, we found an apt that we would be able to move into within 2 weeks, I emailed Laci and told her that we wanted out of the lease with no repercussions after what happened to us—after several emails, she finally agreed to 60 day written notice and no repercussions. I replied with a counteroffer of 30 days written notice and no repercussions and I would agree not to post a review. She declined, which should point out to you that they do not take responsibility for things that happen on their watch and they only care about $$$. So besides what we have on video let me also add how the “dog park” that they advertise is nothing but a place for lazy pet owners to take their dogs to ---- and they do not clean it up! And the “gated community” that they also advertise, I can tell you that currently 3 of the 4 gates are not even attached, and since we have been there, not once was there 4 working gates. (seems like false advertisement to me) Other problems at Millview-one trash dumpster and one recycle dumpster for 350 apartments. Trash was ALWAYS overflowing and laying all over the ground. Millview is located very close to another neighborhood that has groups of kids that come down and run through our breezeways, knocking on doors & running, bouncing basketballs, and hitting cars with them. Oh and if you remember in the beginning when I mentioned having a dog over 40lbs requires you to be on the 1st floor, well I questioned that several times & of course was never given an answer as to why-finally weeks later, I was told by Tanya that with a dog that big you must be on the 1st floor with no apts under you. I replied and said, Tanya I am not sure if you are aware, but we have an apt under us. And to that I got a reply stating it was an “oversight on their part”. An oversight??!! Then they should’ve given us the rent price of the 3rd floor apt that we originally wanted which was about $300 cheaper. Let me also tell you, that a friend of ours lives there and they have the exact same apt as us and it is $500 less a month than ours, to that I was told that “prices change daily” $20, 30 or even $50 I can see in price change, BUT $500?!! If after reading all of this you are still considering a move to Millview, I can only wish you luck, and hope that you don’t want something fixed in a timely matter, bcs they are not capable of that. And if you don’t mind 3 people running 350 apartments, who have absolutely no clue what they are doing or living somewhere that never has parking in front of the building you live in and perfectly healthy individuals parking in handicap spots, then Millview may be the place for you. Or if you are ok with employee’s that live there who don’t follow the lease and the rules in it, such as the amount of pets you can have, and if you are ok with the office employees that are extremely good at one thing and that is blowing off any issues you may have and never taking responsibility for anything that happens, then you for sure found your dream apartment, but I would invest in some Blink camera’s as Millview has proven that they cannot be trusted in the place you pay high dollar rent, and also a place you call “home”
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