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Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 12/18/2006
If you are fortunate enough to read this before you sign the lease, Do yourself a favor -Go rent from an individual or use a realtor to find something better for the money. <br><br>We just moved here from out of state. The Management is nice, but they aren't very proactive with any of the maintenance of the apartment or buildings.<br>Upon move in, I had to wait 4 days for mailbox key, the dishwasher broke and the smoke detectors chirped all night. The Toilet leaked from the water spout.<br>Other issues:<br><br>The finish of the building construction is cheap. Cracks in the ceiling and wall, bad cold air drafts through the windows and balcony doors. The foil finish of the kitchen cabinets is peeling off. Smoke detectors mysteriously chirp in the middle of the night and then stop. 24 hr emergency maintenance is claimed but they never showed up 2x.<br><br><br>There is construction on all sides, and they start early in the Morning at 6:45 AM you can hear the beeping from the dump trucks and bulldozer. We have a wonderful view of Dump trucks and a big muddy hill of dirt! (Thanks Sales Lady- No construction on this side right.-)<br><br>Riverview does show nice when you walk through and we have been lucky we have quiet neighbors but we are on the top floor. A few weeks ago the FBI staked out a resident. Apparantly they didn't like his friends and raided them one night.<br><br>The fitness room is a joke and they charge you a membership fee for this. The french doors are broken going into the fitness area and you will get stuck inside and have to almost break them down to get out. Per another couple that was helping us get out- they said management has known they are broken for a few months now.<br><br><br>Your Utility bills will run about $50 for water, $250 for gas and electric. These units use a central heater in each unit. The heat source for it is the Gas Water heater (like a boiler) So when the heat is on the gas water heater is running and that water is wasted. <br><br>I read another review that mentioned drafts and being cold with the heat running constantly. We are experiencing the same thing. We had maintenance come and they replaced the seal on the doors, but the cold air just howls in thru the 'cracks' (feels like an air vent at full blast)<br><br>The dryer vent is blocked. we asked maintenance to take a look but that was 4 weeks ago and it still takes 2x as long to dry. If i knew where it vented I'd go clear the screen on the roof myself.<br><br>This place is turning into an Extended Stay Marriot experience,(search the web), not a place to call home...<br><br>We have lived in cheaper apartments (California, Texas, Florida, Illinois) that had better service and better amenities that didn't have to bill themselves as 'Luxury'.<br><br>If you are fortunate enough to read this before you sign the lease, Do yourself a favor -Go rent from an individual or use a realtor to find something better for the money. <br><br>Good Luck.<br>
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Riverview Landing at Valley Forge Apartments

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