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Edinboro College Park Apts



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/16/2007
I live in College Park and have alot lot of friends who live here as well. Most of the apartments are decent, except for the price.<br>You can hear everyone around you at all times of the day and night. Half way through the semester they decided to do construction work outside my apartment at 8 Am. Snow removal is close to none. ---- the manager really lives up to his name. My friend was on the phone with ---- went he had a seizure, and ---- came over about it and basically accused him of being on drugs. He kept asking what he took and said he wouldnt tell anyone. Window frames are falling apart. Burned a small hole in carpet, its going to cost around 500 dollars to replace it even though this carpet costs less than a pack of cigarettes to furnish an entire apartment. (commercial/instutional grade 1970s porno style carpet)The amount you pay for these aparts for what they are worth is incredibly outrageous. If you have trouble with your roommates with the lease your pretty much screwed. If you cant come up with all the money for rent in time, you get evicted. Their security force is nothing but rednecks in jackets who do NOTHING at all. I called security a total of 4 times this semester. EVERY time i get a call back no less than 3 days later saying yeah the beeper just went off what can i help you with. So much for "James Property Security Pager" "Page us if you need security" They dont do a damn thing. <br>Last but certainly not anywhere near all the complaints i have, Douglass building burned down thanksgiving night or so (watched it happen i was here) Now they are 1 Using nice thick shiny new paper to send us the NUMEROUS announcements under our doors and 2 The week after it burned down and they dicked the students out of everything they owned that was destroyed, they announced that they are building a brand new "Student Center" Insurance money must be fantastic on a burned apartment building.<br><br>Did i mention the numerous trees they shove under your door EVERY SINGLE DAY in the form of "important announcement" papers?<br><br>Would not recommend this place to anybody. It may look nice at first but man your gonna be pissed off later.
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Edinboro College Park Apts

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