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Palermo Realty Apartments



Resident · 2014 - 2015
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Office Staff
I'm not sure this deserves 1 star. I lived in Carrolwood townhomes for a year and had a terrible experience. The staff are rude and inconsiderate. Our kitchen sink pipes started to freeze in November and Palermo's solution was to open the doors under the sink and use a hairdryer to get them clear. We argued with them for a couple of months before they came up with a solution to use heat tape (we pay electricity to run it) on the pipes in the garage. Our toilet in the downstairs has been broken twice in the past year. It took 4 days for someone to fix it the first time. The garage has no heat (which makes a lot of sense). So in the winter when it is -5 here the water drips off of your car and lays in puddles down there. This is also your laundry area, so be prepared for walking through muck to do your laundry. Lastly, and most disturbing is that Palermo wants 3 MONTHS notice prior to your lease ending to know if you are going to renew! This is not possible for many people, especially students and residents. I asked the office if we could let them know when I find out where I'm going to be going for residency and that is against their policy, so they went ahead and leased out our apartment under us, and I'm not even graduating until the end of May. They weren't willing to pro rate us through the end of May like other rental companies would have. I wouldn't recommend this company to anyone, and will never rent from them again. They are a huge company with many properties and they take advantage. I would recommend renting from a smaller company or someone that just does a couple of properties that actually cares about their tenants and property.
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Palermo Realty Apartments

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