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Palermo Realty Apartments



Resident · 2016 - 2017
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Office Staff
Do Not Recommend - Initial agreement and SECURITY DEPOSIT. (wood hills drive - wood hills condominiums ) Initial Agreement: Initially they told me to give a 100 dollar discount which I had written in my email while talking with the agent. but when I moved out from my old apartment and went to get the keys and sign the lease. They said they cant give me this discount as that's their final decision. I had no other option other than move in with extra 100 bucks per month. so very bad experience from the day 1 with the property manager Fred, it was his last day with joe Palermo. Security deposit: Don't be surprised to know they charge me 2400 dollars when I move out. I have rented many times in Erie and always received 60-70% of my security deposit. I had a security deposit of 1200 and they asked me for more 1200 dollars and it sent it to collections and then finally I paid if every thing. They charged around 350 dollars to repaint the apartment, 100 $ each for every door they paint. 100 dollars for the garage cleaning, carpet cleaning, closet paint, etc etc etc. Each of their work cost me more than 80 dollars each and think of how it becomes 2400 dollars. Not sure what kind of professional services they did after I moved out on this apartment and believe me i have lived the same way in all other apartments. My neighbor gave me hint of their style of taking whole security deposit but didn't think they can ask for extra 1200 dollars which I paid. Snow Plough service is very bad as well. my 2 years of stay during snow was pathetic, could not take my car out on the public road, always got struck in their private property. If you wanna pay all the things/security deposit and no services, then you can rent it or better go for others which are very good in all ways. god bless all!
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Palermo Realty Apartments

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