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Palermo Realty Apartments



Resident · 2015 - 2019
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Office Staff
This review is Pine Valley Townhomes in Belle Valley. I wish I checked reviews prior to renting ...and besides... I usually take reviews with a grain of salt being a lot of people just like to complain or don't understand the viewpoint from the other side. I figured this is just from irresponsible drifters, lowlifes and students. But I've rented for half my life, am a responsible professional and never lost a dime in deposits..UNTIL NOW. This company kept 90% of my deposit even though we cleaned for days, fixed and touched up. The place was spotless. Unfortunately I didn't read reviews until it was too late but by the time I moved 4 years later, I sort of expected this kind of treatment after hearing from previous neighbors, newly read reviews and even hearing from company employees. The reviews you see are spot on and worse. If you want to rent here, don't expect much or any of your deposit back. Deposits are profit center for them. It doesn't matter what you do. The only good reviews (and there aren't many) are people still living there....they have not had to try to get their deposit back. They won't. Frankly I was happy with them until it was time to get the deposit back. I'm not taking it lying down. This kind of behavior should not go unpunished so I've filed a lawsuit and hope justice will prevail. Lesson for me....check reviews BEFORE you rent. I'm in business and I know thieves when I deal with them. These are thieves. STAY AWAY unless you don't mind losing most or all of your deposit...or in some cases from the reviews, be charged above and beyond for fictitious damage.
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Palermo Realty Apartments

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