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Pastore Townhomes & Apartment



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/03/2007
I recently relocated to Erie with my boyfriend from a small town below Pittsburgh. The apartment we rent from Pastore is a very cute, quaint place to live. Upon close inspection, the apartment (which is part of a community that has just been updated) is done very cheaply. The paint job is terrible and there are little problems every where you look. We had some problems with mold in our bedroom which they told us to just pull all of our furniture a few inches away from the walls. In a small apartment, this is not very reasonable. Beyond the only decent apartment are the people. <br> If you are considering a move to Erie, I strongly urge you, from one human being to another, to please reconsider. The people here are absolutely terrible. No one smiles at you and everyone thinks they are the most important person and should come first. There is a serious lack of manners and hospitality. Beyond that, New York has taxes on clothes, PA doesn't. Do you know what that equals? CANADIANS! Buses and buses of them that take over the stores. These tax evaders are extremely rude even though they are in a country separate from their own just to avoid the 15% tax they have there. Please, please, please, look into a city other than Erie. No job opportunities, no friendliness what so ever, and absolutely terrible weather. No good options for housing either, including Pastore.
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Pastore Townhomes & Apartment

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