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Royal Villa Apartments



Resident · 2011 - 2013
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Office Staff
Lived there for 2 years. You can hear everything your neighbors do. There is a hallway on each floor and you hear it every time someone comes or goes like they're in your living room. You have to turn up your tv when anyone in the building turns on their water or flushes a toilet. If you have an apartment above you, you will hear every step anyone takes and pray the ceiling isn't about to collapse on you. Many Lecom students rent here and have way too many loud parties. Maintenance is a joke, our bathtub was leaking into the apartment below to the point that the downstairs neighbors were afraid the tub was going to come crashing though their ceiling. Took Kolb almost THREE WEEKS before it was fixed. There's a pool for the complex, but during the summer it turns into a community pool with tons of families bringing their screaming children to play in, and I know for a fact that hardly any of them live in Royal Villa. As someone else mentioned, plowing during the winter is done after most people leave for work/school, and if you don't leave, expect to be plowed in. Laundry room for 12 apartments has 2 washers and 2 dryers, and they are the smallest things imaginable. And the people who live on the ground floor with the laundry room get really annoyed if you don't close the laundry room door because they are so loud. Every appliance is the cheapest oldest thing possible that barely works. Rent goes up every single year. They will find any and all means possible to keep your security deposit. Overall, would definitely not recommend. You'd be better off even at the dump Granada.
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Royal Villa Apartments

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