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Resident · 2009
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ok first off i want to say about the guy that got convicted in 83'...hes a ok guy..i live here with my wife and little girl..the guy has done nothing but hold doors open for my wife and he keeps to himself...let it go...anyway about the building...well thats another story..ok there are about 2 outlets that dont work..the fan switch is broken...and when you take a shower it will go from cold to really hot in 2 sec. so you never can take a nice shower and the drain has been gunked up since we moved in ( plunger doesnt do ---- )...there was a hole in the window from someone trying to get in..and when i called the office i told the person at the front desk about this and the next day afetr work the new window was on the ground..so I fixed the window MYSELF..and I hope you like bugs..because they are everywhere..and the heat is always on..even when its off if you know what i mean........kids are always smokeing pot out front too...i should have done my home work...i will not be staying...and if i was you I would stay away
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