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Resident · 2019
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Office Staff
The area is great. That's the only upside of these apartments. We were promised new appliances in our recently renovated rented apartment. One of the stove tops just starts gas but no fire comes out, which is pretty dangerous and the bathroom sink pipe is leaking underneath so much that we have to keep a bucket under it. In the middle of the night, at around 4 am, our neighbors above start their day and drag us right along with them. The ceiling is so thinly made and their floor cracks so terribly, it feels like it will break any second. Every step they take is incredibly loud for us and we are unable to sleep after 4 am EVERY SINGLE NIGHT. Our neighbors next door are also VERY audible. So much that you can hear their conversations if their phone is on speaker. I can hear every single word they're saying, their TV, even their snoring at night. The neighbors to the other side of us ALWAYS have their alarm ring until 10 am. None stop. It starts at around 7 am and just keeps going. Never shuts up. It is still ringing as I am writing this review. Maybe no one even lives there? I don't believe that someone would just leave and let it ring for this long. It is ridiculous. My point is that the walls in these apartments are just outrageous. They are so thin that it seems you have no privacy whatsoever. As if all the neighbors live in the same room. I can't even speak comfortably with my husband because I know there's someone ALWAYS able to hear us perfectly. I wouldn't recommend these apartments to anyone. Stay away.
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Please give us a call at the leasing office at 215-355-7580 and ask to speak with a Property Manager so we can further discuss the noise issues you are experiencing.

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