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100 Cornerstone Drive, Glen Mills, PA 19342
100 Cornerstone Drive, Glen Mills, PA 19342

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The Lantern at Glen Mills



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Office Staff
Resident 2003 - 2005 Not Recommended

Reviewed 10/25/2005

This apartment complex used to be great with the old owners but now the service and staff has gone down hill when the complex was purchased by Windsor. The apartments are very nice and the development is very clean but the prices are out of this world for what you get. Expect to pay $1,400 for a 2 bedroom apartment and once you add all the things that Windsor does not include like water, sewer, and garbage and the high electric bills from the cheap heating and cooling unit you're up to $1,700 a month. Want a dog? Add another $100 a month to your rent. Want a Garage? Add another 150 a month and your up to $2,000 a month for an apartment.<br><br>If the price does not bother you the staff will. The staff with the old owners was great, very professional and responsive. With the new owners it's the complete opposite. Some of the staff is extremely rude and obnoxious when you have a problem. If you're one day late with rent expect to get a letter on your door threatening to kick you out of the apartment if you do not pay your bill immediately. To get something fixed or taken care of it takes 2-4 calls and if its something small expect to wait 3-4 weeks for them to actually put in the request to the maintenance staff to fix the issue. <br><br>Before the complex was sold I would HIGHLY recommend living in this apartment complex but with the owner switch to Windsor I would NEVER recommend someone moving to this place with the overpriced apartments and the rude and unprofessional staff.<br><br>Look at the other apartment complexes in the area. I have heard much better things about them.
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The Lantern at Glen Mills

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