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The Lantern at Glen Mills



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Office Staff
Resident 2009 - 2010 Not Recommended
Reviewed 11/27/2005
My partner and I lived here for one year. It was not a great apartment living experience. The good things about the complex is that maintenance is prompt to address requests and the corporate office up front does try to plan and host events for the residents, which is nice. The pool in the summertime is quite nice and we did work out in the gym about twice a week. What was most disturbing is the amount of noise that you can hear inside your apartment -- and yes, it happens at all hours of the night as well. We felt it was a combination of neighbors who really didn't care about noise making as well as poor construction of apartment walls and floors. There is a clause in the lease about noise, but even after several complaints to management, they did absolutely nothing about it. Also, parking is dreadful. Again, people park in the handicapped spots who do not have handicapped tags -- nothing done about this. There is a no parking on the streets -- yet people do it every day because they don't want to park and walk to their building -- again we complained about this after almost being run over walking to the mailbox because a driver couldn't see around a parked car -- nothing done about it. You will freeze to death in the winter. The heating systems are very poor. It is cold and the electric bill is very high due to this. We also felt the water charges, had very high costs as well. We did not have a pet, but there is an awful lot of dog poop around on the grass and some sidewalks. It really is terribly awful to look at & smell. We took our lease very seriously, but found that most other residents do not. Therefore, there is a lot of noise, dog poop, outside open flame grilling on private decks -- which is frightening because of the risk of fire spreading so fast, and the lack of parking spaces. In the end, we were really disappointed with most responses we received from the management staff. One girl in particular was just awful. The others I think at least tried to acknowledge our concerns, but this apartment complex just really disappointed us and we felt we spent a lot of money and didn't get a luxury apartment living experience.
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The Lantern at Glen Mills

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