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The NEW Willowyck Apartment Homes

1 Marlbrook Lane

Gwynedd, PA 19446



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Office Staff
Resident 2019 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/03/2019
We rented effective 7/22/19 relocating from another state. On the afternoon of Thursday 7/25 we arrived and were given our apartment keys along with a walk thru check list to complete. No one accompanied us to our apartment as is typical of other complexes. You can imagine our shock when we encountered the following upon entering the apartment: Construction debris was scattered on the kitchen floor Electric range coils and drip pans were covered in food Refrigerator had dirty cutting boards/cookie sheets on top plus the refrigerator was covered in cooking grease. 5-gallon paint cans along with trash from former tenant were left on the patio Vertical blinds were broken and slats were laying on the floor Toilets needed flushing since whoever used them did not flush Toilet seats were not attached to the fixtures Exhaust fans in bathrooms did not work Bathrooms were filthy and needed cleaning Shower door was broken Horizontal blinds were filthy and covered in cooking grease Windows would not close properly, nor lock Screens were broken with large holes NO hot water Closets were infested with spiders and bugs Flooring still needed to be installed All door stops were either broken or missing A/C had disgusting odor Old stack washer/dryer was covered in lint, dryer heating element was burnt, lint was crammed in exhaust. This information was verbally relayed to the office and the check list was hand delivered to the office. We were told due to limited staff there would be no one available on Friday for walk-thru, cleaning, repairs or maintenance. Therefore, we began cleaning the filth since we had nowhere else to stay. On Friday a team member arrived with a new a/c filter. That person noted 'this unit was renovated by the former complex owner, you can tell by the doors (?), and so we're not responsible'. WRONG! As we changed the a/c filter we found the a/c vent area had multiple filters crammed in the space along with inches upon inches of filth and mold. The metal vent cover was encrusted in rust, grime, dust. The a/c unit is in the master bedroom and sounds like a train coming thru the unit. We had an independent service check the a/c area for asbestos and they did find mold. The stack washer/dryer is NOT front loading as shown in their photo. It is located in what was a master bedroom closet. It is an old version in which you can only put 2-3 items at a time. Linens, towels, jeans must go to a laundromat. We pulled out the clogged lint trap and behind it was piles of matted lint clogging the exhaust. The heating element was burnt. Dirt and dust were removed from blinds only to reveal layers of cooking grease - yes even in the master bedroom at the other end of the unit. The master bath door was too large for the door frame and therefore would not shut, and had to be repaired on two occasions, the master bath mirror was broken. The walk-in shower door was broken. UPDATE: After being told the shower door was working properly and the issue we saw was our imagination, we received a complex-wide notice on 8/26/19 that due to "a recurring problem" and safety concerns all shower doors were being removed. The 'linen' closet in the main bath has shelves which are 7" deep and can only accommodate cans or bottles, no linens. There is no linen closet in the master bath. Electrical repairs had to be made to light switches and outlets. The washer empties into the master bath vanity. When the upstairs tenants use their dryer it vents into our dryer downstairs due to the clogged exhaust which causes our empty non-running dryer to becomes hot on the outside with moisture and lint build-up on the inside. Almost 6 weeks and still NO hot water. There is only one hot water tank per building. You need to let the water run up to 8 minutes for it to turn hot. The washer will fill before the water turns warm or hot. And don't forget THE RENTER is paying for all that wasted water. Kathy, a fellow tenant offered this tip on Nextdoor - Hot water seems to take forever to warm in the shower, but I try to time my showers with when I hear someone else already in:). Great way to live isn't it … monitoring your neighbors shower habits ?!?! and the walls being that thin you can hear when your neighbor is in the shower. Apparently, upon reading reviews of others moving into this complex, this is how management here operates with tenants relocating from other states. Oh, and they disclose all the nickel and dime-ing they do after you move in: water, sewer, trash, new account fee, service fee, it goes on and on! The only thing LUXURY about this community is the PRICE. Brian K. Friedman and David B. Friedman (General Partners of Friedman Realty Group, Inc.) you both should be ashamed!
The NEW Willowyck Apartment Homes Manager09/12/2019

We are very sorry to hear that your experience so far has not been a positive one. We do our best to provide our residents with an easy move-in experience and top notch customer service. Our on-site team worked together to immediately address all issues that were brought to our attention in a timely manner. The Property Manager and Regional Manager were in contact with you several times throughout that process and to our knowledge all items were fully resolved. With regards to your mention of undisclosed fees, all fees are laid out prior to a resident’s decision to rent and were shared via e-mail during the leasing process. All fees are additionally outlined in the lease agreement for your review prior to signing the lease. Our Regional Manager has attempted to contact you several times to discuss further follow up, but we have not heard back from you. While we appreciate constructive feedback on areas where we can improve, it’s important for the conversation to remain professional in both directions. Unfortunately, our site staff has felt belittled and mocked while trying to assist you. Regardless, we stand by our commitment to your satisfaction, and we hope that we are able to respectfully resolve any matters you feel have not been resolved. At this point, we invite you to please return the phone calls from our Regional Manager, Amanda, at 610-532-1120. Thank you, and we look forward to making this right for you.

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The NEW Willowyck Apartment Homes

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