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Livingstone Apartments

240 E County Line Rd

Hatboro, PA 19040



Former Resident · 2018
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Office Staff
Here is just a small taste of what you'll have to look forward to if you should choose to let these people scam you out of your money. We moved into Livingstone in July of 2018. The basements in all of the buildings, which was promised to us for storage (it says it in the lease), are RIDDLED with mold, old sewage, roaches, and God knows what else. While we lived there, we had a flood (13 inches of water) within the first week. We called emergency maintenance and they did NOTHING other than get the water out. They then left it there, in pools of water, to dry. That created even more mold which created a smell that permeated throughout all 6 units in the building. We then had a sewage backup for DAYS. Emergency maintenance completely ignored it, so we had no choice but to call the fire marshal. The fire marshal of Hatboro, Erick Myers, was NOT happy. They were cited again for this because they planned to let it go until after the weekend, which could have resulted in us all being exposed to methane gas poisoning. The fire marshal had to spend 12 hours overnight at Livingstone to make sure that the maintenance people took care of it. We went OVER A MONTH with no trash pickup (it was in the newspaper- public record). This happened on several occasions. There was also a roach infestation that I discovered after I saw the first one walk right under my front door as well as a leak in my ceiling that just "magically" showed up after a roofer went up there. The maintenance guy stuck a bucket under it and said "I hope it doesn't cave in on you." The final straw was at the end of October. We realized in the beginning of October that our heat wasn't working. They said they were "waiting on a part that was on back order" and that "it should be in by the end of October." It then got to the point where only half of our apartment had heat coming out, and it was not coming out hot whatsoever. They THEN decided to give everyone FORCED heat! So you cannot control the temperature of your apartment. It will either be freezing or extremely hot. We vacated the property on October 31st as I have a 10 year old daughter, and i absolutely will not allow her to live in an apartment with no heat (or heat that I have no control over). EVERYONE is moving out. When Aion Management bought that property, it completely went to ----. They spend all of their time and money paving the driveway, putting a cheap --- wooden fence around the creek that overflows and floods every time it rains, putting new letters on each building, etc. Need something fixed? GOOD LUCK! Another thing: When I moved in (it was still owned by the Galman Group), it was $1,110 for a 2 bedroom, less than 1,000 square foot apartment. We were responsible for electric and gas. Now, with Aion Management, you can get a ------, bug-infested, mold-riddled apartment for roughly $1,500 a month, AND you're responsible for ALL utilities! EVEN TRASH! And just an FYI: Your water bill and gas bill are NOT yours. They combine the usage of everyone in the building and split it! They wanted $120 from me for a water bill for ONE MONTH. But now that I've moved, my QUARTERLY water bill is only $50. Imagine that! DO. NOT. MOVE. IN. HERE. And if you'd like to see video footage of the sewage backup, the flood, the trash that wasn't collected for over a month (they were fined and it was in the newspaper), roaches, the fire department having to come out multiple times due to faulty carbon monoxide detectors, email me. . UPDATE! A YEAR AFTER WE MOVED OUT, I see a hit on my credit report. They NEVER sent me ANYTHING saying that I owed a $207 "late fee" for the month of November, 2018. WE LEFT ON HALLOWEEN. So we took them to court. They thought they won! LOL! I didn't care whether we won or lost! It cost me about $100 to take them to court. It cost them A LOT MORE THAN THAT to hire their clown of an attorney! I asked him if we supposedly "broke the lease," why weren't we taken to court? His response was, "I don't have to answer that." STAY. FAR. AWAY. OH! And now, you have to PAY THEM to MOVE OUT! That's right! A "move-out" fee when you decide you've had enough! It shouldn't take long - our building had all 6 units rented out. They're now down to 2 being rented. EVERYONE is leaving).
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Livingstone Apartments Manager


Lisa, we are sorry to see that your experience was not what we would have wanted it to be. Due to the nature of some of your concerns, we feel it would be best if we spoke with you directly about this in greater detail. When you are able, please reach out to a team member in our office or over the phone at (877) 434-3245. Thank you. - The Team at Livingstone Apartment Homes

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Livingstone Apartments

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