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Madison Manor



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LongTimeRenter07 • Resident 2003 - 2004 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/04/2007
I lived in building C, apt. 104, for a year and a half. The rent is cheap and so I was willing to put up with a lot. Around January 2004 the manager who lived on site, whom I loved, bought a house and moved. The new manager was a miserable woman. I had no real problems before then. That winter, condensation would accumulate in the fire alarm control box just inside the front exterior door and it would malfunction and go off for *days* without anyone turning it off (that would be illegal!) or coming to put out a fire! <br><br>The entire structure is made of wood, so noise and water go straight through. On two occassions my upstairs neighbor spilled some water and it immediately came through my living room ceiling. (Who designed the layout of these apartments?) I could clearly hear the upstairs neighbors' television, their conversations, etc. which wouldn't have been so bad, except they ran a restaurant and the *whole* family came home after midnight and decided to cook, clean, and vaccume! A few times I knocked on their door to ask if they could be more quiet, but they didn't speak English. The last straw was when their bathroom, which is right above C104's bedroom (who designed that?) began to leak through the floor several times a day, whenever anyone took a shower. My ceiling turned black with mold and began to spray mold and water all over my bedroom as the water hit it from above. I called code enforcement, but they said they couldn't help me. (What are they for?) So I just left. <br><br>Other than that, I liked it a lot. The rent was very cheap, and the appliances all worked well, although they were old. There were lots of cabinets and I didn't mind having to clean them before I moved in. The stove/oven was gas, which I like. I had my own 30 gallon gas hot water tank which was plenty. The central air and heat worked well, although it was expensive. The fuse box couldn't handle much in the way of use, so the toaster and microwave could not be used at the same time, and sometimes the hair dryer would pop the fuse too. It was all essentially on one circuit. I never noticed any roaches or rodents, or their droppings. There were a lot of flies in the summer, but after I put dryer sheets over the air vents, they went away. <br><br>There is one washer and one dryer in the basement, which I always found available and in working order, except for once when I called the 800# on the machine and a laundry leasing company came out the next day to fix it. I think it was $1.25 per load. Kind of dark and dirty. I did not feel safe. There were also large storage units in the basement you could use for an additional fee.<br><br>I left the apartment in better condition than I found it, other than the ceiling I had been complaining about, and they kept $175 to repair it. Read your lease carefully as they do keep money for cleaning and painting after you leave - which I thought was illegal. <br><br>They plow the parking lot, but push it all onto the sidewalk (this is in the back - C building). There are more spaces in the back lot, but it is still often almost full.<br><br>It is quiet - the train tracks being right there didn't really bother me. People all kept to themselves too, except for the occassional hello. I really didn't want to get to know some of them.<br><br>The owner will not give out her name, only a PO Box in North Wales for you to send money. So don't think of suing them. You know there is something wrong when they won't tell you who owns the place. If you are desperate, this place is passable. Just know what you will have to put up with.
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Madison Manor

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