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Kingswood Apartments

580 Lewis Road

King Of Prussia, PA 19406



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HomeOwner82 • Resident 2005 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/26/2007
Ok lets start with the good.<br><br>1. Apartment had walls and a roof <br>2. They ask only $200 security deposit<br>3. They paint an accent wall any color you want (as long as it is one of the 3 they offer)<br>4. You can end your lease with 2 months notice with only a $100 fee<br>5. .. The head manager is reasonable ..<br><br>Ok on to the bad.<br><br>1. Pets: are allowed but they charge $200 initial fee and a $35 extra a month and spray pesticides constantly on the grounds which caused my small mix breed serious skin problems and nearly $1500 in vet treatments and special diets. When we moved into our house he cleared up in no time and went back to eating Kibbles. (DO NOT RENT HERE if you love your pets because they don t!!!)<br>2. Pests: The exterminator comes on Wednesday. Make sure you call the office by Tuesday morning to schedule your monthly spray. And make sure that you tell them the different varieties because there are different sprays for different bugs. I found that catching samples of the Centipedes, the little brown Stinkbugs, the spiders and, one each of the 3 different kinds of Cockroaches in a jar worked the best and I actually didn t see any more for about 3 months. (my wife and I are very clean. The crawlies where always easy to spot that way) <br>3. Parking: Don t own two cars or one for that matter because you ll walk half a mile to get to it most morning anyway. Ex-tenants like to abandon cars there indefinitely and once active tenants complain management puts cute little tow truck stickers on them and let them sit for another month or two longer. (Oh and own a snow shovel and a lawn chair) <br>4. Maintenance: Sweetest guys you could meet. Kind of like the Scarecrow in the wizard of Oz, they mean well and really wish they had a brain. For them a leaky bulkhead can always be fixed by a tube of Caulk and a big ugly piece of plastic around the sides of the shower. The downstairs Tenant never thought so though. Oh and the leaky roof only ever needs some Kilz paint on the ceiling (they did finally replace the roof our building was last the day we finished moving out)<br>5. Book Keeping: Don t trust automatic anything with them. Make sure you deliver your payment on the first of every month with your APT number Cleary written on every blank spot available. (they don t bill you so don t wait for that) Inept is an understatement try completely maladroit and after paying expect to have your late rent added to your electric bill (they own the electric Co) this makes for $1200 electric bill. Don t waste time calling the electric Co. Have your canceled Check in hand and go to book keeping because they are the ones that reported you and the Electric Co won t know anything.<br>6. Move in Inspection: Make sure you fill it out and have it signed. Then laminate it and stick it to your wall. DO NOT LOOSE YOUR COPY. Because they will surely loose theirs. <br>7. Security Deposit: Kiss it goodbye after first signing the lease. If you are lucky and you remembered to laminate your signed move in inspection you may get away without paying anything more when you finally can move out. If not however they will find 1 or 2 little spots in the CARPETED DINING AREA that where there when you moved in and charge you $700 to have the whole apartments carpet replaced. Which they probably won t do anyway so they can whack the next unsuspecting Tenants with it.<br>8. Key Return: Make sure you save the copy of the form with your forwarding address with the signature of the employee who received your keys. Laminate it! Then when you don t get your security deposit back within the 30 day time frame PA law requires. SUE them!!! I made the mistake of just waiting and 2 months later I got a letter saying that I owed $370 bucks for the Carpet. They sent the original notice to the APARTMENT instead of the forwarding address I left them with. DUHH. PA LAW is Clear, they have 30 days to get you the security deposit and a list of charges they are withholding to the ADDRESS YOU LEFT THEM. If they don t you have full legal rights to get your full security deposit back and they get crap. If you don t sue first they will submit you to a collection agency. Do yourself a favor and file against them on day 31.<br><br>Additional Notes:<br>1. Ignore the bogus awards they have displayed. If they are even legit I would hate to see who they where competing against.<br>2. Rent goes up by $50 every year<br>3. They don t check pet sizes and even employees living there own banned breeds such as Pit Bulls. Soooo many dogs bigger then 35 pounds its ridiculous (my dog weighs 26lbs)<br>4. Maintenance empties the recycling into the dumpster anyway. Don t waste time trying to do the earth a favor.<br>5. Take dated photographs of EVERY aspect of the apartment when you first move it. Keep it with your laminated move-in report!!!<br>6. Take dated pictures when you move out so the court is easily satisfied when you Sue them.<br>7. SAVE every spare cent for a down payment on a house<br>
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Kingswood Apartments

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