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Office Staff
Resident 2002 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/01/2007
I have never encountered as many problems as I have at DT. The manager, whom we will call AK, is more like a slum-lord. She could care less about the tenants and any issues they have. All she cares about is collecting the rent and sitting in the front office stuffing her face to keep her Oompa Loompa figure. Any tenants who are late on rent have notices left outside their apartment door for anyone to read, which is extremely unprofessional. As I am a working tenant, I find it hard to even contact AK seeing as she comes in late, leaves early, and barely answers the phone or returns calls. When complaining of maintenance issues, I was told I have come into the office and fill out a complaint report. A lot of good that did. Maintenance is a complete joke around here. There are a total of three maintenance people for the entire complex who don t seem to really care about their jobs. One stands around and watches the other two do what little works gets done around here, which is usually something with the grounds such as pouring extra chlorine into the occasionally green pool water. The second maintenance person is extremely intoxicated 95% of time to the point that you can smell the alcohol. The third maintenance person, who does the most work, does ---- work because he s too busy carrying on affairs with several tenants. My apartment has an enormous water stain in the living room that smells of mildew due to the water leak from the apartment upstairs which I have been complaining about for months and nothing has been done about it. In the bathroom, the toilet tank does not fill up and I have to pour buckets of water into it from the tub so it will flush. The hot water in the bathroom sink is non-functional and has been for quite some time. In the shower, there is a massive stain on the wall due to the dirty drain water from the tenant upstairs leaking down into my bathroom. That is the one thing that has been attempted to be fixed on multiple occasions with putty. To find where the leak was coming from, maintenance came, tore a hole in my bathroom wall, exposing the black mold behind it, and never came back!!! It was extremely disgusting and at one point I even had a mushroom growing on my tile. Other tenants are mostly either Section 8 or drug/alcohol abusers. That s not a bad thing if you don t mind people knocking on you door asking if you have money they can borrow or extra food they can have. They try to mooch anything they possibly can out of you. There have also been several issues of domestic violence where the police have been called to the apartments, even by people in other buildings. You can hear your neighbors, word for word, arguing on a daily basis. DT also plays host to the infamous Corner Crew. This is a group of derelict parents who stare at you as you drive by, litter the grounds, and allow their riffraff children to run rampant throughout the buildings and parking lot. Speaking of the parking lot, it s almost impossible to find parking away from playing children and somewhat close to your part building due to the excessive amount of people who are always at the apartments, yet don t live at DT. The hallways always smell of cat urine and the dumpsters outside are almost always overflowing with trash. This place is an absolute hell hole, and extra money is better spent elsewhere.
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