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Brookside Manor Apartments

2 Willow Lane

Lansdale, PA 19446



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Office Staff
willowrunner • Resident 2001 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/31/2005
Lived here for 4 years. The first 1-2 years were ok but the last couple weren't. <br><br>Most of the problems were with getting maintenance to act on health and safety issues. Their actions on 3 seperate occassions showed they saw health safety issues such as shorting switches & bugs coming thru the kitchen wall to be of no greater concern than other issues.<br><br>In fact, in one situation it took over 6 months to get a health issue appraised & another 5 weeks to be fixed regarding bugs coming thru the kitchen wall, which was documented several times including a unit to unit company inspection.<br><br>There was a change in maintenance supervisors a couple years ago. He has no or little clue & admitted dropping the ball on more than one occassion. Even the former office manager "Alan" admitted the same problem.<br><br>The substitute office manager is a pain as she could care less about things except her smoke breaks. She's a lot of talk but little action.<br><br>Morgan has a hotline, which we used but found it to be ineffective much as the office manager. <br><br>Parking along Willow Lane can be a pain as a couple of the fat office members will park in front of or near the main walkway while carrying in another dozen donuts.<br><br>The past year or so saw an apparent lowering of standards. New neighbors were noisy &dogs were being let in. Most of this I'd speculate was a result of lower lease rates the past 2 years so they probably took anyone with a fair credit rating.<br><br>During the course of events with lax maintenace over the past 2 years we had our rent lowered and had also made them change our lease from yearly to semi-annual.<br><br>They were given several opportunites to get their crap straight. Lack of action on their end made us force their hand. We moved out before our lease expired, which they quickly went along with as they knew we were in the right.<br><br>Had someone at Morgan done their job we would have stayed for several more years as the location is not all that bad had things been fixed properly instead of putting money in flowers along the highway and fixing the show units. However, we found several places within 10 miles of Lansdale that are more cost effective and during quizzing residents and workers of other locations we found a higher satisfaction rate than what's here. <br><br>Glad to be out and I'm sure their glad we're gone too as we stood up for our rights and took no sass from them!
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Brookside Manor Apartments

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