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Village At Highland Park



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Office Staff
Resident 2003 - 2004 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/18/2005
When I lived at Highland Park, my entire hallway smelled like cat urine because of my neighbor across the hall who usually let the door of his apartment open so his cats could get "fresh air." Management did nothing. My vehicles were broken into NUMEROUS times (by people who lived at Highland)and the area police did nothing, just like management. The parking lots weren't very well lit at all and the management assured me that I had nothing to worry about because lights were being installed within the next few months - LIE - I bet that there still isn't any more lighting than before. Management was EXTREMELY RUDE during any dealings that I had had with them. There was one girl in the office who was semi-decent and I dont think she even works there anymore. As if my stay there wasn't bad enough, upon move-out, I received nothing, not my security deposit refund, no letter, no nothing. My girlfriend and her family came over to help me move and we all spent hours cleaning the apartment so it was in perfect condition when I left, but much to my dismay and surprise when I ran my credit report just a little bit ago, there was a charge on there from highland Park for over $1000 in cleaning fees and damages - I never even received an initial bill!!! Highland Park is a seriously crooked establishment and unless you want to hold your breath while you run through the hallway to your door, have your sterio, CDS and money stolen from your vehiles, and a bad mark on your credit on top of it, DON'T LIVE AT HIGHLAND PARK!
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Village At Highland Park

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