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Chesterfield Apartments

1338 Veterans Highway

Levittown, PA 19056



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Verified Resident 678562 2018 - 2019 Not Recommended
Reviewed 08/14/2019
The actual apartment is fine and quite well updated. We said what we wanted in our apartment and it was provided. The only issue, like most complexes, is the people. There was often loud yelling or screaming, adults crying (I can accept babies, no one can make a baby stop crying when they are determined to do so), and many violent altercations. No complaints were met with any kind of definitive change, and every time I heard such a raucous I sighed and thought to myself "boy am I excited to move out." The constant sounds and discomfort that they caused all around us, given that we were on the 2nd floor, was a great deterrent to our enjoyment of the apartment. Furthermore, I was delighted when a dog park was installed, but shortly after I realized there was a grave problem: the dog poop. The facility was nice enough to move the two polls with complimentary poop bags and trash cans into the dog park, but that does not stop lazy people. By no means do I mean to imply someone ought to be paid to pick up the poop, that is not the leasing office's job, but there should be a fine for those who do not pick up their poop. It should be listed within the warning for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd offense that this is something that could cause you to qualify for an offense and a fine. It is ridiculous! Giant piles of poop all over the place. Such lazy, lazy dog owners. If picking up poop is so much trouble, they should be more than comfortable paying a fine on top of the fees to have a pet, if the pet is even registered. Finally, a lot of unknown, unwanted visitors are given ready access to the apartment complexes or have the codes. Those codes and access should not be granted by strangers! It is one thing if you have a visitor, but any ol' stranger sitting on the steps is granted access to the building where multiple people live! That defeats the purpose of the auto-locking door and the set codes and keys!
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Chesterfield Apartments

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