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Village of Pennbrook



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Office Staff
Resident 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/03/2007
Before you rent at Village of Pennbrook...drive by the complex and you will agree with more of my view. Please keep in mind how much they charge per month and the service they deliver. <br><br>And never rent the bottom floor. Things will always goes wrong when the second floor goes wrong. Noise, leaking from upstair, the kitchen with lower ceiling because they place a water proof material and they mostly try to replace every time there is a leak from upstair.<br><br>Here is my list:<br><br>10. The road with pot holes and speed bumps<br>9. Trees and shrubs never trim<br>8. Dead grass spots everywhere<br>7. Tennis court with old net and surface, along with damage fences, and they charge everyone $200.00 fee for this.<br>6. The swimming pool is small and never clean <br>5. Kids playground and sand is dirty and equipment is old and rusted<br>4. Dog's waste everywhere<br>3. Noise from water pipe, and often lack of hot water.<br>2. Very noisy air conditioning system. <br>( This is because of the blower fan which that they can replace and the noise will most likely will goes away. I mention it to them several times during the summer but nothing. They told me this is normal. The noise is comparable to sitting in subway tunnel all the time. ) <br><br>1. Management(not leasing agent)<br> Everytime I talked to him, and them, they seem to think that you are crazy to ask them to do something. That everything at the complex is fine. For example, the fitness door was damage and it took them 5 weeks to fix the door. I ask them every week. They said that the door should be done that week. FIVE weeks and $200.00 fee they charged us (when no other apartment charge this kind of fee, you can ask other places and they will laugh).<br><br>I CAN'T WAIT TO MOVE OUT AND KEEP MY HARD EARN MONEY.<br><br>I WILL NEVER RECOMMEND TO ANYONE.
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Village of Pennbrook

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