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Charleston Greene Apartments

1200 Charleston Greene

Malvern, PA 19355



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Office Staff
Resident 2003 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/06/2005
First things first, before you read this review please look at some of the other reviews: for instance, there is a review that was written on 4/13 titled MOVE ELSEWHERE that was responded on 4/20 by angelatmyside who is part of the management here. Then there is a mysterious post on 4/21 by [email protected] that gives it rave reviews. This needs to be thought about. The next day they get rave reviews after the management sees the other post. This should tell the whole story, but if you need more convincing please read on.<br><br>I have lived at Charleston Greene for some time now and I believe that I can give a fair assessment of the property and the management. CG (as I will refer to it) is a decent place to live, as long as you are not very picky about your surroundings and the others that you will living around. There are some very nice people who live here, but they are the few. When you come to Malvern you see a beautiful little suburb of Philadelphia and you expect all of the places in this sleepy little town to be about the same. That is not quite the truth here at CG. If you have small children like I do you might want to keep them away from this place. You can hear everything coming from others units. There are many other places in this town to rent at where you will not have the same harassment for wanting to live your life with your family and make it a little better for them. <br><br>The place is advertised a lot differently than it is actually run. The management is far from the best that there could be. They are very unresponsive when you have a problem with your unit or even if you bring a concern to their attention. I have read the other reviews that are on this website and I have to say that I agree with most of them. The ones that I believe to be made up by the management themselves are the ones giving rave reviews. There are very few people that live here that do not have a problem with insects or at least half hearted tries on fixing problems that occur in the units. They just take your money and keep putting off your problems for another day. If you ever visit, ask them how many units are not being rented currently. They will give you the run around of people are moving in. This is just a sign of how many people are leaving here. While you are at it ask them how many people are actually paying the price that is suggested, they know that no one would stay around if they were.<br><br>Please do yourself a favor, like another actual renter has suggested, and look elsewhere. I know that when our lease is up we will be moving on with our lives and out of here. I did not write this to poke fun at anyone or even be mean, but just to give an honest opinion of how this place actually is. <br>
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Charleston Greene Apartments

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