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Bent Creek Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 - 2006 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/29/2007
I lived in Georgetown Crossing for 18 months. While I never had a problem with the maintainance staff, I did have problems with the leasing staff. My child was repeatedly accused of violations that she never perpetrated while other children roamed free with seemingly no supervision. The court that I lived in seemed to be where they placed all of the tenants they did not really want there but they filled a void and paid their rent (well most of them). Also the parking areas in the spring, summer and fall are playgrounds for bands of these unruly children. The safety of your vehicle cannot be guaranteed. <br><br>I was shocked to find spiders everywhere. When I called the leasing office to find out if they offered any type of exterminating service I was told, "That is what you get for living so close to the water." <br><br>While the community is pet friendly, the tenants rarely cleaned up after them. There were several occasions where I had the chance to experience this firsthand (or shoe, as the case may be).<br><br>The leasing staff is relatively lax with the enforcement of the clean porch clause of the lease. This is of course unless the owners will be making an appearance, then even the cleanest porch gets a letter telling them to tidy it up......pictures included!!! <br><br>The assigned parking is more than adequate, as long as your neighbors abide by it. If not, there is not a lot of recourse. You can call the office but there is nothing immediate that can be done.<br><br>For the price of rent, you can find a beautiful home within 2-3 miles of this complex and pay less than or equal to the same amount. I suggest you look around before you lease from them.
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Bent Creek Apartments

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