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Selma Estate Apartments



Resident · 2008 - 2010
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Office Staff
I have lived in Selma for a couple of years and things havfe really gone down hill. Parking is horrible. There is trash everywhere. Tenants had to be threatened to pick up after their dogs. It has improved, but there is still an issue with it. It seems there are only some people who take responsibility for their pets. We pay an extra fee for pets. It seems to me that someone should be on site to clean up if the tenants are not doing it. Snow removal this winter was terrible. They waited and plowed and then never put any salt down. I witnessed another tenant take a terrible fall at the mailboxes because it was like a sheet of glass. I noticed the other comment about the carpets fuzzing and we have the same problem. Lights along ther garages are out and have been for months. There is no maintenance person on sight. To my horror, I now see they are trapping the squirrels. I would like to know what they are doing with them and for what reason the are trapping them Kids are always playing outside and iff one of them should go near a trap that has a squirrel in it they may get bit. I know squirrels can be pests but do we really need to resort to putting traps out where children can come in contact with them? If you fall even slightly behind in the rent you will be harrassed at all hours. Even for the slightest bit of money. I am disappointed becuase this place has so much potential. We are looking for a new place now and hope to be out of here soon.
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Selma Estate Apartments

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